The Advantages of a Pregnancy Massage

The Advantages of a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most stressful but rather the most fulfilling period for a woman.  Aside from conceiving a new life, pregnancy means morning sickness, hormonal changes, back pains and a lot of other aches.  So it should not be a wonder when your happy go lucky mother or wife or friend or sister suddenly transforms into a monster when pregnant.  Dealing with pregnant women is complicated because they become complicated creatures with weird needs and whims.  And what you can do is to help them get through the situation.  You can support a pregnant woman by providing her a relief from the discomfort she’s suffering caused by back and other body aches. The way to do this is to give her a Pregnancy Massage.

Does that shock you?  Are you one of those people who believed that massage is harmful for a pregnant woman?  The truth is, it can only be dangerous for women who have a high risk pregnancy, in which case, they need to discuss with their physician first before hiring a massage therapist.  It is only with a black and white physician’s approval that a woman with a high risk pregnancy can seek for a therapist.

A Pregnancy Massage is only a combination of light massage systems and a whole body Swedish massage that is usually comprised of other modalities like reflexology, circulatory work and sacral therapy.  Generally, Pregnancy Massage therapists are adept at doing both massage and various modalities.

When seeking for a massage therapist, the pregnant woman should look for someone who is certified and practically well-versed about the different systems of massage.  The therapist must be able to provide good counsel to the pregnant woman in terms of the safe massage systems for both the mother and the baby, and that the former must also be familiar with the anatomy of the expectant mother.  An ideal Pregnancy Massage therapist must also know the body parts that are not to be massaged.  These body parts may include the abdomen, the tummy, the spot between the stomach and the breast, and most importantly, the area between the ankle bone and the heel. A majority of Reflexologists believes that the said area signifies the vagina and uterus and if there’s pressure being applied to it then it might induce a premature contraction.

Generally, a massage session intended for pregnant women would take around sixty minutes and can be extended up to ninety minutes.  The expectant mother will then be asked to recline on her side while her body is made comfortable with pillows.  Except for the body parts that need to be massaged, the expectant mother’s body will be covered with a large cloth.  Prior to the massage session, the therapist will request the pregnant patient not to eat a large amount of meal or not to drink a large volume of liquid.  This is to ensure that no necessary vomiting will transpire during the massage session.

After the massage session is through, here are the rewards that a pregnant woman can enjoy:

  • Inflammation of the hands, ankles and feet will be greatly reduced.
  • It also eases the pain caused by sciatica.
  • It soothes any body aches, particularly in the neck area, lower portion of the back, hips, and calves.
  • It helps treat insomnia caused by pregnancy.
  • Fortifies the immune system of the expectant mother.
  • The release of the endorphin hormones—the body’s natural pain killer—will be sped up.
  • It’s a great remedy for pregnancy-brought depression and anxiety.
  • After a massage session, the amount of oxygen in the blood will significantly rise.
  • It also improves the movement of blood in the body, hence, the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the mother and baby will also speed up.
  • It strengthens blood and lymph movement which in turn can intensify the cleansing of toxins and other bodily radicals across the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • A massage session can also help treat fatigue.
  • It does not only help with remedying stress and fatigue, but it strengthens lose muscle, and eventuallysoothes them.
  • It also enhances muscle flexibility.
  • Overall, a massage will greatly help a pregnant mother to cope up with different types of pregnancy caused stress.


There is still a lot of benefits that an expectant mother can get from a Pregnancy Massage.  Before you let your fear overcome you, immediately consult your physician for the green signal.  Just because you’re pregnant does not mean that you have to miss out on a lot of fun.  Indulge yourself by getting a massage.


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