Swedish Massage: The Popular Way of Reducing Pain

Swedish Massage: The Popular Way of Reducing Pain

When you think of massage, you may conclude that it all forms go plainly with its name. But do not you know that there are many types of massage and the most popular is the Swedish Massage. This is the best-known type and the perfect one for the first time in going to the spa and taking a massage.

History of Swedish Massage

This started with Pehr Henrik Ling which is a well-known Swedish physician and a teacher in fencing who combined the Chinese gymnastics and medical techniques with sports medicine of the 19th century. This combination aims to create a way of relieving muscle soreness, flexibility increase, and promoting general health which become the start of the Swedish Massage.

The Way it is performed

When going through this type of massage, the therapist will lubricate their skin with specialized massage oil that will make them perform different massage stroke on your body easily. These strokes helps in releasing the tension in your body and warms up your tissue, which lead to breaking up of muscle knots that is constantly the reason of muscle soreness and pains.

Before undergoing the massage proper, the therapist will ask for your history of injuries physically for them to be informed of the part to take care of avoiding further damage. When the consultation is done, the therapist will give some instructions for them to start the proper massage treatment.

This massage will usually make you naked underneath a sheet or towel. The uncovered part of your body is the part where the therapist is working which is a technique called draping.

The process proper usually starts with you laying face down to make the spine stay neutral. The massage will generally start with your back and after it, the therapist will work on the back of your legs. The therapist will not look at you when you are needed to change position for your legs and arms will be worked on.

Techniques and Cost

Swedish Massage includes the technique called effleurage which is a gliding stroke with the palms, fingertips or thumbs. The kneading movements using the fingertips, hands or a thumb is called patronage. This also involves friction, vibration, percussion, or passive and active movements such as bending and stretching. The cost of this message will depend on the massage spa you go. Spas offer different pricing on their services.


This mainly relaxes your muscles that will eliminate mental stress. This massage targets specific area where you usually feel the pain. It helps you in managing the pain that comes from one of the most common conditions, the arthritis. It helps in draining metabolic wastes from your body limbs.

You Need to do After the Massage

The standard Swedish session will last for 30 to 60 minutes. The message has effects that encourage you by drinking lots of water and will make you avoid caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine for the next 24 hours. You are also not allowed to do strenuous exercise after 24 hours and try to make a good rest for your body to heal from within.

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