Sports Massage to Help Athletes Recover Quickly

Sports Massage to Help Athletes Recover Quickly

sports_massageAs an athlete, your everyday activities will require you to exert your maximum effort and skills. To help you cope up with the demand of your favored sport, everyday exercise is required. However, the daily fitness regimen can lead to tension and soreness in the muscles and can possibly get worse if not taken cared properly. In addition, because you do workout daily, a simple rest will not be enough. The body needs to be fully invigorated to be able to perform better the next day.

If you are an athlete who is serious with the sport you are engaged in, then perhaps you have already received recommendations regarding getting a sports massage that is well-suited to your needs. If not, then now is the right time to include it in your daily fitness regimen. Sports massageis a technique utilized to help in reducing the risks of injuries caused by sports and at the same time improve the repair of bodily tissues. This massage is a type of Swedish massage that encourages the body’s blood circulation as well as the circulation of the lymph fluids. With improved circulation, waste removal in the body becomes efficient and the cells of the body become well-nourished. This type of massage also utilizes the technique called trigger point therapy to aid in clearing up the knots in the body’s muscles. These knots or adhesions can shorten the muscle’s scope of motion. If this happens, sports injuries are likely to happen. Adhesions or knots are generally the effects of overly using a particular body part or muscle. This can result in trauma or soft tissue imbalance due to repetitive muscle stress.

Sports massage is extremely beneficial for athletes because it helps prevent a lot of injuries related to sports especially those that are soft-tissue related like hamstring strains, shin splints, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis and groin strains. In the event that you will incur a bone-related injury, it is best to seek the advice of a physician for the correct treatment of the bone injury before utilizing the technique of this type of massage. This massage also helps in the circulation of blood which results in a better recovery of the muscle. In addition, it aids in removing wastes and toxins from the body like lactic acid and it also helps in increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen to the affected area which is very important for a fast recovery.

The style and techniques that are included in this type of massage is similar to that of the traditional massage. The primary goal of sports massage is to help in the proper mobilization of the tissue that can be accomplished by utilizing any massage techniques. However, in some cases, more pressure may be required to better target the stressed areas. More styles and techniques may also be needed which includes multiple application of deep pressure to the body’s tissues to clear up the knots or adhesions as well as soften the scars in the tissue that are caused from an earlier injury. There are varying massage techniques to help lessen the risk of injury and allow the body to heal naturally.

Generally, there are 4 categories included in this type of massage. The first category is called the pre-event massage which normally takes around 15-45minutes of massage session. The second category is called the post-event massage which is normally performed within 1-6 hours after finishing the sports event. The goal of this category is to regulate the tissues therefore reducing the possibility of muscle soreness and tightness. The third category is the restorative massage which is provided during the training to enable the athlete to do more in the training but with a lesser possibility of incurring an injury. The fourth category is the rehabilitative massage in which it aims to ease the pain caused by an injury and aids the body to return to its natural and healthy condition.

Regardless of age, amount of training and physical fitness, regular and serious athletes can definitely get plenty of benefits from sports massage. In majority of sports, it is very important that the athlete is able to quickly recover from an injury as much as possible. Massage specific for sports can definitely aid in reducing the time spent for recovery. If a particular sports related injury is not immediately taken cared of or treated during the process of recovery, the athlete may have to endure the pain of the injury his or her entire life. However, with the right sports massage, this can be prevented.


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