How To Perform a Hot Stone Massage


hot-stone-massage-how-toThe Hot Stone Massage system is another form of massage that makes use of various massage techniques and heated stones.  The system was developed to remedy different conditions like arthritis, autoimmune disorders and muscular pains. Depending on the client’s demands or requests, the therapist can introduce modifications to the said massage system.

Performing the Hot Stone Massage should be easy as long as you follow the steps with utmost care.  So if you’re interested in doing it, then here’s what you need to do.

  1. Gather some flat stones and clean it thoroughly. Heat them by submerging them in an electrically-heated water.  Only take out the stones when their temperature is comfortable enough to be used for massage.  Afterwards, you have to prepare the skin of your client by applying massage oil on it.  The massage oil will ensure a velvety gliding of the stones and it also averts skin trauma.


To be specific, the stones required for this type of massage system should be composed of basalt due to its capacity to preserve heat.  Another criterion for choosing stones is that they should be smooth in texture so as not to cause any rashes or blisters to the skin.


  1. Once the preparation is completed, proceed to the actual application of massage. Position the heated at stones at strategic acupressure spots throughout your patient’s body.  Do not forget to include the gaps between the toes, back, arms-even in the face and hamstrings.

Just for information, the acupressure spots are places on the body that are believed to be the source point of energy and supports the body’s capability to heal.  The warmth coming from the stones will seep through the skin to improve blood, cleanse toxins and build greater muscle relaxation.  Do not forget to ask the client, whether the heat of the stones is comfortable or not.

Place the warm stones in one area to ensure that the warmth can completely infiltrate the muscles and other tissues for extreme repose.

  1. Place the warm stones in one area to ensure that the warmth can completely infiltrate the muscles and other tissues for extreme repose.


The therapist can also use the warm stones to massage the stressed muscles instead of using his or her hands.  To perform this, the therapist must move the stones carefully over the strained spots.


Even though the force applied by the stones is quite intense, the Hot Stone Massage procedure should be painless because the patient’s skin has already been soothed by the heat treatment.

  1. During this step, the therapist can already apply to other systems of massage aside from the Hot Stone Massage. This is to ensure that the patient is fully relieved of stress.

To optimize the Hot Stone Massage session, the therapist can perform techniques like deep tissue or Swedish massage. However, the therapist must always be careful in doing combinations because the client’s body may not be able to endure the different massage techniques and might end up getting bruised and sore.

  1. The therapist can also interchange the warm stones with cold ones. Cold stones are usually made of marble and are pretty good at providing a reprieve from the pain caused by swollen muscles.



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