The Techniques of Thai Massage

The Techniques of Thai Massage

Originating and developed in Thailand, the Thai massage is another massage practice that infuses the conventional remedy systems of China, Southeast Asia, India and yoga.  In the early years after its development, only the monks of Thailand use it to provide remedy to the aching muscles of an individual.

According to the connoisseurs of the Thai massage, it is different from the other massage systems because it is more invigorating and demanding.  The said system of massage is also commonly known as Thai yoga, massage due to the fact that the therapist makes use of all his or her appendages (feet, legs, hands and knees) to mobilize a person into sequences of yoga-like bending and stretching.  To a lot of people, Thai massage is similar to yoga only without performing any work.

Due to the revitalizing effects of the said massage system, it has gained a lot of attention worldwide.  Some of its benefits are but not limited to:

  • It is an awesome stress reliever. Perfect for people who suffers from “all work and no play.”
  • Due to its stimulating effects, the body movements will be highly improved.
  • An individual’s posture will also be enhanced since it directly targets bone joints, muscles and three important systems like circulatory, digestive and respiratory.
  • It’s also satisfies the person spiritually.
  • It makes a person healthier in an overall concept.

The Thai massage can be applied through a lot of different methods.  Therapists and patients alike must be well versed about these techniques because if done improperly, it might cause lasting damage to the latter.

Here are some techniques of the said massage system:

  • Body mechanics- An ideal massage system should be safe for either the patient or the therapist. Body postures that are inappropriate may result in injuries to the two parties. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that the patient and the therapist know the proper body mechanics.  The correct posture should be at ease and the arms should be extended straight.  Then the therapist must be capable of knee walking and harnessing his or body mass by bending over.  If the patient and the therapist are already feeling uncomfortable, then they should adjust their positions as necessary.


  • Touching- While touching the client or patient, the therapist must ensure that it is with affection and with a rhythmic flow. In addition, therapists should also make it a habit to practice proper sanitation and hygiene by cleansing their bodies prior to performing the massage.
  • Concentration- As mentioned earlier, if done improperly, the Thai massage could be detrimental to both the client and the therapist. To mitigate the risks, the therapist must not only be mindful of his or her action, but must be conscious of his or her client’s as well. The therapist should not be afraid about regularly asking the client, whether the latter is okay or not.
  • Pressure- When performing the massage, the therapist must always harness his or her body mass to induce pressure. However, he or she must be careful because every client is different when it comes to reacting to the pressure.  The therapist must pay close attention to the client’s facial expression, muscle response and breathing.




The Advantages of a Pregnancy Massage

The Advantages of a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most stressful but rather the most fulfilling period for a woman.  Aside from conceiving a new life, pregnancy means morning sickness, hormonal changes, back pains and a lot of other aches.  So it should not be a wonder when your happy go lucky mother or wife or friend or sister suddenly transforms into a monster when pregnant.  Dealing with pregnant women is complicated because they become complicated creatures with weird needs and whims.  And what you can do is to help them get through the situation.  You can support a pregnant woman by providing her a relief from the discomfort she’s suffering caused by back and other body aches. The way to do this is to give her a Pregnancy Massage.

Does that shock you?  Are you one of those people who believed that massage is harmful for a pregnant woman?  The truth is, it can only be dangerous for women who have a high risk pregnancy, in which case, they need to discuss with their physician first before hiring a massage therapist.  It is only with a black and white physician’s approval that a woman with a high risk pregnancy can seek for a therapist.

A Pregnancy Massage is only a combination of light massage systems and a whole body Swedish massage that is usually comprised of other modalities like reflexology, circulatory work and sacral therapy.  Generally, Pregnancy Massage therapists are adept at doing both massage and various modalities.

When seeking for a massage therapist, the pregnant woman should look for someone who is certified and practically well-versed about the different systems of massage.  The therapist must be able to provide good counsel to the pregnant woman in terms of the safe massage systems for both the mother and the baby, and that the former must also be familiar with the anatomy of the expectant mother.  An ideal Pregnancy Massage therapist must also know the body parts that are not to be massaged.  These body parts may include the abdomen, the tummy, the spot between the stomach and the breast, and most importantly, the area between the ankle bone and the heel. A majority of Reflexologists believes that the said area signifies the vagina and uterus and if there’s pressure being applied to it then it might induce a premature contraction.

Generally, a massage session intended for pregnant women would take around sixty minutes and can be extended up to ninety minutes.  The expectant mother will then be asked to recline on her side while her body is made comfortable with pillows.  Except for the body parts that need to be massaged, the expectant mother’s body will be covered with a large cloth.  Prior to the massage session, the therapist will request the pregnant patient not to eat a large amount of meal or not to drink a large volume of liquid.  This is to ensure that no necessary vomiting will transpire during the massage session.

After the massage session is through, here are the rewards that a pregnant woman can enjoy:

  • Inflammation of the hands, ankles and feet will be greatly reduced.
  • It also eases the pain caused by sciatica.
  • It soothes any body aches, particularly in the neck area, lower portion of the back, hips, and calves.
  • It helps treat insomnia caused by pregnancy.
  • Fortifies the immune system of the expectant mother.
  • The release of the endorphin hormones—the body’s natural pain killer—will be sped up.
  • It’s a great remedy for pregnancy-brought depression and anxiety.
  • After a massage session, the amount of oxygen in the blood will significantly rise.
  • It also improves the movement of blood in the body, hence, the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the mother and baby will also speed up.
  • It strengthens blood and lymph movement which in turn can intensify the cleansing of toxins and other bodily radicals across the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • A massage session can also help treat fatigue.
  • It does not only help with remedying stress and fatigue, but it strengthens lose muscle, and eventuallysoothes them.
  • It also enhances muscle flexibility.
  • Overall, a massage will greatly help a pregnant mother to cope up with different types of pregnancy caused stress.


There is still a lot of benefits that an expectant mother can get from a Pregnancy Massage.  Before you let your fear overcome you, immediately consult your physician for the green signal.  Just because you’re pregnant does not mean that you have to miss out on a lot of fun.  Indulge yourself by getting a massage.


Swedish Massage: The Popular Way of Reducing Pain

Swedish Massage: The Popular Way of Reducing Pain

When you think of massage, you may conclude that it all forms go plainly with its name. But do not you know that there are many types of massage and the most popular is the Swedish Massage. This is the best-known type and the perfect one for the first time in going to the spa and taking a massage.

History of Swedish Massage

This started with Pehr Henrik Ling which is a well-known Swedish physician and a teacher in fencing who combined the Chinese gymnastics and medical techniques with sports medicine of the 19th century. This combination aims to create a way of relieving muscle soreness, flexibility increase, and promoting general health which become the start of the Swedish Massage.

The Way it is performed

When going through this type of massage, the therapist will lubricate their skin with specialized massage oil that will make them perform different massage stroke on your body easily. These strokes helps in releasing the tension in your body and warms up your tissue, which lead to breaking up of muscle knots that is constantly the reason of muscle soreness and pains.

Before undergoing the massage proper, the therapist will ask for your history of injuries physically for them to be informed of the part to take care of avoiding further damage. When the consultation is done, the therapist will give some instructions for them to start the proper massage treatment.

This massage will usually make you naked underneath a sheet or towel. The uncovered part of your body is the part where the therapist is working which is a technique called draping.

The process proper usually starts with you laying face down to make the spine stay neutral. The massage will generally start with your back and after it, the therapist will work on the back of your legs. The therapist will not look at you when you are needed to change position for your legs and arms will be worked on.

Techniques and Cost

Swedish Massage includes the technique called effleurage which is a gliding stroke with the palms, fingertips or thumbs. The kneading movements using the fingertips, hands or a thumb is called patronage. This also involves friction, vibration, percussion, or passive and active movements such as bending and stretching. The cost of this message will depend on the massage spa you go. Spas offer different pricing on their services.


This mainly relaxes your muscles that will eliminate mental stress. This massage targets specific area where you usually feel the pain. It helps you in managing the pain that comes from one of the most common conditions, the arthritis. It helps in draining metabolic wastes from your body limbs.

You Need to do After the Massage

The standard Swedish session will last for 30 to 60 minutes. The message has effects that encourage you by drinking lots of water and will make you avoid caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine for the next 24 hours. You are also not allowed to do strenuous exercise after 24 hours and try to make a good rest for your body to heal from within.

Reflexology Massage for a Sound Mind and Body

Reflexology Massage for a Sound Mind and Body

After spending a long and tiring day at work, isn’t it nice to be able to relax and become at peace from all the hustles and bustles of everyday life? What better way to do these is to have a body massage either at home or at one of your favorite spa? There are different kinds of body massage and one of these is the reflexology massage or therapy. This therapy is a variation of relaxation massage that aids in releasing the stress from the body by applying the technique on either the hand or the feet. Reflexology is derived from the notion that the feet and hands have reflexes which are in conjunction to the body’s system, glands and organs. In this type of massage, the therapist applies their pressure on the hands and feet. Through reflexology, your body’s wellness is improved because it aids in improving the circulation of the blood as well as help in relieving stress. Reflexology massage offers plenty of benefits to the body. Here are several positive effects of reflexology:

  • Helps in reducing stress.
  • Improves in the flow of blood in the body.
  • The body is relieved from stress or tension.
  • Aids in promoting the body’s natural functions.

Majority of therapeutic massages are generally done at a spa or at home by hiring a massage therapist. Often, a masseuse will ask to remove your clothes and will ask you to lie down. With reflexology, this is not necessary because it can be performed at almost anywhere and anytime you want to relieve some stress. Compared with other types of massage techniques, this type of therapeutic massage can be done even while you are at the office sitting in front of your desk or maybe while reading a newspaper at home. Unlike other techniques, reflexology does not necessarily require you to use lotions, creams and oils. The reasons for this is because pressure is applied on the reflex or key areas of the hands and feet and do not really need strokes on the body. With this type of massage, you or the massage therapist can either use a foot roller or massage ball on your feet and hands to help in doing the therapeutic massage. There are a lot of therapeutic massages available out there like Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage and Therapist Choice to name a few. The primary difference between these types of therapeutic massages and reflexology is that this massage mainly focuses on ears, hands and feet while the other types of massage center on larger parts of the human body.

Almost all people can be able to learn reflexology massage because it does not involve complex and hard to perform stroke massages. It is a type of massage therapy that is very easy to learn because of its simple techniques and style. Reflexology can be learned at home by anyone using a variety of therapeutic massage technique materials.

People who have undergone proper training in reflexology can be able to effortlessly determine the specific points of reflex in both the feet and hands which connects to the other parts of the body. By applying pressure on the reflex points, the other parts of the body such as organs, glands and system will be relieved of pressure and blood circulation will flow better thus, resulting in a an improved health and well-being. The nerves that are connected to the different parts of the body work through the feet’s soles. Once the feet receive pressure, relaxation takes place on the nerves. Blockage in the nerves or any parts of the body is also released with the help of reflexology therapeutic massage. Reflexology can also help improve one’s self confidence and esteem because it aids in maintaining the emotional and physical balance of the body.

Reflexology is extremely beneficial because it also helps in treating several medical conditions such as headaches, backaches, anxiety, kidney malfunctions and diabetes to name a few. With reflexology, you are definitely going to have a peaceful sleep after undergoing a few reflexology massage sessions. Reflexology is an alternative medication to help cure bodily conditions but before engaging in reflexology for treating medical conditions, it is highly advised to consult a physician or professional.

Reflexology massage is indeed a great way to relieve stress after a long and tiring day at work. It also helps people to achieve a better health and well-being as well as treats certain medical conditions. You can try reflexology now and see its great benefits to the body.